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Saturday, February 27, 2010

When I lived in Germany the school children would make the most wonderful cones and fill them to the brim with candy. This Easter I will be giving my friends each one.

Writing whatever pops into my mind prior to starting a multi-medium piece is strangely liberating. I never know what I have written until I read it and I am wow where did that come from.


Great garage sale finds. I will most likely take apart and make something with them. They do not work. The quilt under them was also another great find. Love treasure hunting!

Monday, February 8, 2010

chick !!!!

Taste is in the individual. Pink walls and a satin white couch is not my thing, but then again a blue chick may not be someone else's thing. Doing custom flora displays for little old ladies with white couches and pink walls has open my eyes. Don't worry I am not trading in my couch anytime soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I went for a massage yesterday. The young girl had hands like bulldozers. I was zapped by what sounds and felt like a bee. I told her she could hit me with a sack of potatoes and it would feel good my muscle were so sore. She may not have hit me with potaoes but it still felt amazing and painful at the same time. Anyone have a extra thyroid in good condition laying around I will pay top dollar.

he wanted a party hat, so a party hat he got. I ended up making him into a bag. He could be used for books, groceries, just about everything. He likes cookies so he would prefer to carry groceries.